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Women’s Health & Primary Care

Women’s Health & Primary Care

Welcome to Total Care Medical Centers’ Women’s Health services, where the well-being of every woman is our highest priority. Serving all women across Florida, we strive to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable. We understand that women’s health issues are unique and varied, hence we have fostered an environment where you feel comfortable and confident discussing any health concerns with our specialized Women’s Health providers.

Our entire experience and care philosophy regarding Women’s Health Care is designed around your needs and your comfort — from offering convenient appointments that start on time to maintaining clean and comfortable offices.

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A women’s health clinic is a medical care center staffed and designed specifically to serve the healthcare needs of women. At Total Care Medical Centers, we are proud to offer a comprehensive women’s health and primary care as part of our overall services.

Putting You at the Center of Our Care

We are more than a healthcare provider; we are your partner in health. Our approach to women’s healthcare is woven around your comfort, needs, and convenience. From offering punctual and convenient appointments to maintaining pristine, welcoming office environments, we ensure your experience with us is seamless and relaxing.

A women’s health clinic, like ours at Total Care Medical Centers, is specifically designed and staffed to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of women. We offer comprehensive women’s health services alongside primary care as part of our all-encompassing offerings.

With our offices strategically located in various cities across Florida, our Women’s Health & Primary Care services are within easy reach. Find out the Total Care Medical Center office closest to you from our list of Florida office locations.

Caring for Women, Transforming Lives

Women’s healthcare often encompasses various services related to reproductive health, including pregnancy, birth control, breast cancer management, and more. We understand that women face a unique set of health issues and our services are tailored to address these needs. Some of the most common medical issues or concerns related to women’s health that we cater to include:

  • Irregularities or issues with menstruation. This may include excessively painful or heavy periods, skipping periods, or conditions like endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs), pelvic floor disorders, or bladder-related issues
  • Vulvodynia (pain around the vulva), bacterial vaginosis, or uterine fibroids
  • Ovarian or cervical cancer
  • Infertility or other pregnancy-related concerns
  • Certain chronic diseases and issues that most commonly affect women like osteoporosis or menopause and its resulting health impacts

At Total Care Medical Centers, we offer a broad spectrum of services that cover the specific care and testing needs required to maintain women’s health. This includes:

  • Administration of birth control, including the insertion of Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
  • Regular pap smears, as well as regular health screenings for cervical, breast, or other types of female-specific cancer
  • Sexual health care and education, including treatments for STDs
  • Screening for and management of chronic health conditions impacting women
  • Pregnancy care, including prenatal care, screening before and during pregnancy, labor and delivery care and support, and postpartum support for mom and baby
  • Infertility care and services

Choosing Your Partner in Health

Selecting a Women’s Health care provider that aligns with your needs is an important decision. At Total Care Medical Centers, we envision the doctor-patient relationship as a partnership – one that thrives on open communication, trust, empathy, and sensitivity.

We believe in active patient participation in healthcare decisions. We are not just here to heal, but also to educate, empower, and inspire our patients. We promise to walk alongside you on your health journey, offering guidance, support, and the highest level of care at every step. Your well-being is our success.